Manager API

class cloudify_rest_client.manager.ManagerClient(api)[source]

Bases: object

Returns:Cloudify’s management machine status.
Returns:Cloudify’s management machine version information.

Gets the context which was stored on management machine bootstrap. The context contains Cloudify specific information and Cloud provider specific information.

Parameters:_include – List of fields to include in response.
Returns:Context stored in manager.
create_context(name, context)[source]

Creates context in Cloudify’s management machine. This method is usually invoked right after management machine bootstrap with relevant Cloudify and cloud provider context information.

  • name – Cloud provider name.
  • context – Context as dict.

Create context result.

update_context(name, context)[source]

Updates context in Cloudify’s management machine. The context is imperative for the manager to function properly, only use this method if you know exactly what you are doing. Note that if the provider context does not exist, this call will result with an error.

  • name – Cloud provider name.
  • context – Context as dict.

Sets the global parallel executions limit (relevant only in transient deployment workers mode)

Parameters:limit – the new (integer) limit for the global parallel executions limit. -1 means no limit.