Events API


Bases: object

get(execution_id, from_event=0, batch_size=100, include_logs=False)[source]

Returns event for the provided execution id.

  • execution_id – Id of execution to get events for.
  • from_event – Index of first event to retrieve on pagination.
  • batch_size – Maximum number of events to retrieve per call.
  • include_logs – Whether to also get logs.

Events list and total number of currently available events (tuple).

list(include_logs=False, message=None, from_datetime=None, to_datetime=None, _include=None, **kwargs)[source]

List events

  • include_logs – Whether to also get logs.
  • message – an expression used for wildcard search events by their message text
  • from_datetime – search for events later or equal to datetime
  • to_datetime – search for events earlier or equal to datetime
  • _include – return only an exclusive list of fields

dict with ‘metadata’ and ‘items’ fields